Crazy about Crustaceans

Note: This article was originally published in a newsletter printed and distributed by Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women in the year 2006.

Well, well, well, it is tiny, dumb, scary, insignificant etc,. All these are your common perceptions about a crab.Then excuse me for breaking the trend.My perception of them has taken a detour. It all happened, when I bumped into some of the cute ones at the beach.Since then, I feel they add a subtle and distinct beauty to the beach.Precisely, the beach crabs are the most attractive. You know why? These rampaging crabs are engaged in a mega-clandestine mission.You know how?The crab starts digging the sand, the usual immature doggy-style. And eventually, vanishes into the deep hole.A few more seconds of nail-biting, grudging patience and at last, here appears tiny Elvis! He emerges proudly to the surface, struggling with a huge load of sand in his legs.While we watch him filled with awe, what comes next? The mighty Elvis gives a magnificent, breath-taking performance of a sand-throw.Tiny Elvis would then give you as many untiring, fast-forward encores as you want.
You can laugh until all of your skulls have successfully cracked.Well, now it’d be easier for me to get the tiny Elvis’ message into your heads.Tiny Elvis has manifested beautiful values like involvement, enthusiasm, and dedication in his work.That’s how beach crabs build their homes or Crab-Castles as I call them.All these values are incorporated into an insignificant beach crab’s life.Well, as humans, have we?


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