HR Hacks for Tech Recruitment

Ever felt like a fish in the wrong pond? That’s what happens if you are an HR trying out a new industry after several years of experience in some other industry. Well, here are some quick hacks to recruit a Techie for a niche, high-end software product development start-up.

Context and Tech Knowledge

Slog. There is no easy way out. about this but you have to slog.Get an overall idea about all the software and hardware technologies.  Start with getting a framework and then dig deeper to understand the existing technologies.  Do not stop with that! Check social media to get the latest idea about the new technologies trending in the market and how are companies going to be impacted. Industry knowledge is a must and you will acquire it gradually.

Understand Tech Profiles

Know the type of crowd you need for your startup. Get hold of the channels through which you can source them. Naukri and job portals alone won’t do.  Get a hang of the job descriptions from these portals. Get an idea about profiles and their variants.

Scan through various profiles

When you look at a lot of Linkedin profiles, you can differentiate between people who are initiators, leaders, followers, and noobs. The hungry ones constantly update their profiles with certifications and awards while the passive ones have profiles just to conform to the crowd. Look at profiles of Tech geeks and understand their professional grades. Then, you can distinguish between an active career development seeker and a passive one.

The initiators and leaders are more professional, want to grow up the ladder quickly, and want to involve the big guys and MNCs. They want to attain technical managerial positions. They want to know about cutting-edge technology as it would look glossy on their resumes. This would also make them competent enough to manage Techies with different skillsets.

Passive followers like job security and do as told. They hop from one organisation to the next and learn what is thrown at them. Most big organisations like to have them because they are a reliable, consistent, stay for long, and perform with average training.

Unconventional non-conformists are Techies who constantly use forums to get ideas to build products. They put up their codes and projects online. They are constantly involved informally with many groups just to get Tech hacks. Usually, they have LinkedIn profiles and even if they do they might be mistaken for passive conformists. Find out those forums and catch the non-conformists. They constantly participate in hackathons and love Tech challenges. They constantly want to update themselves on cutting edge technology and build things from scratch.

HR Questions

While hiring candidates for a startup company, keep these points in mind:

  1. Their expectations in terms of monetary and fringe benefits
  2. Are they ready to work for days together to solve the technical tests you throw at them?
  3. Do they have that professional commitment to check with you about the company and what you can offer and whether or not would they fit the role?
  4. Do they exhibit a pleasant and socially appropriate demeanour during the interview?
  5. Are they okay with diminished protocols, amateur systems in place and still are ready to conform to the non-spoken rules and regulations of the company?
  6. Can they advocate your brand to the public in terms of their work and by marketing?
  7. Is your company’s offer going to be a transitional job for them?
  8. How long are they willing to stick with the company?
  9. What other external commitments they have?
  10. What they can get in a startup that they can not get in big organisations?
  11. Are they ready to work in a flexible job environment with flat hierarchies/Silos, extend, be prepared for sudden projects, bug fixes and see it through deployment even at odd hours at night?
  12. Are they willing to work during holidays and national holidays?
  13. Are they team players, self -disciplined and organised?
  14. Would they fit your start-up’s culture?

These questions when answered would provide you with a near fit 8 out of 10 times.

One final thought

There are converts who would have worked in a startup and moved on to MNCs. It is rare to find MNC employees seeking a startup.Startup people are not made, they are born. They have the startup mentality ingrained in them through the academic years. and you just have to hunt them down!


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