About The Author

I am Deepa Sai, the author of Quill Ink. People still look for inspiring, practical, authentic, and structured information that is accessible in one place. I write and endorse first-source information that is useful and relevant to people, society and organisations.

I have mastered in Psychology and Social work. I have worked in the sectors of child relief, neurology,  psychiatry, disability, environment, public health, book publication and digital marketing. I have taken up diverse roles in human resources, corporate social responsibility, social activism, communications, content and management. I am a content writer and strategist at a full-service digital agency.

I specialise in:

Content strategy
Content research and design
Content writing, copywriting, and curation (with SEO)
Article writing, blogging, white papers and academic writing
Content editing (substantive editing, copy editing, proofreading and polishing)
Content marketing and analytics

This is how I can help you:

You get endorsed. I  can feature your brand, product, or service on Quill Ink.
You get solutions from Quill Ink. I have written on topics in social work, psychology, fashion, lifestyle, music, books and business.
I can be an affiliate of your blog.
You can Visualize me and connect with me on  LinkedIn.

I am open to participation in workshops, conferences, and professional networks.

Business Inquiries: deepa@quillink.co
Mobile : +91 98401 95853